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The ELO Lodge & Retreat, are two naturally beautiful 32 acre West Coast Venues , just outside Vancouver, for Wellness Vacations, World Class Fishing, Corporate Events, Retreats and Weddings.- Facebook and website
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ELO Organics – Starts This Spring

ELO Organics – Starts This Spring

It started as a quest to find the best wellness retreat so we could go there. We wanted it to be life changing,a nature immersion, have great wellness workshops, fitness in nature’s gym and  pampering. And if course, we wanted really healthy, mostly organic, yummy food.

At the same time, my husband Andre and I had been growing weary of the city, the constant noise and activity. We both needed to reach the next level of health and  we were yearning for the peace and restorative powers of nature. I had suffered with severe PTSD for over 7 years as a result of 3 automobile accidents. Many of those years were spent in bed with severe neck and head pain. Andre had worked full time, cared for our 7 year old son, managed the home and nurtured me continually. As I have become better over the past 3 years, he has become weary and has developed caregiver’s  PTSD.

All of this is to say, we started dreaming of farming. Andre has taught science at the high school level for many years. He is fascinated with farming nature’s way.  Our land is already chemical free and organic. Once we discovered “Back to Eden” farming we were hooked. It is a totally natural way to grow the most incredible fruits, herbs and vegetables. We are just starting to plant this Spring and are creating ELO Urban Organics so city folk can have fresh produce, chicken and eggs delivered and also come stay and farm with us.

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